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Who is ICEC


ICEC was founded in 1991 in Zurich, Switzerland, shortly after the 2nd World Climate Conference in Geneva by the initiators of the World Clean Energy Conference, to respond to the urgent need for a clean, sustainable energy economy, preceding the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) at Rio de Janeiro.  The Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development, proclaimed in 1992, formed the framework for ICEC's activities.

During the first ten years a lot of energy technology was developed with patents and brand names in various fields of sustainable energy production and application.  It culminated 2001 in the foundation of International Clean Energy Consortium as profit centre with world-wide subsidiaries.

Geothermal energy (GEOCOGEN), wind power (STARWIND), clean mobility with advanced electricity storage technology, combined thermal and photovoltaic hybrid solar technology, efficient lighting with modern digital light and colour measurement technology, as well as the planning and implementation of clean power plants are now ICEC's core activities.


Our Mission

The goal of the International Clean Energy Consortium ICEC with its world-wide network of R&D associates, manufacturing partners and energy project developers is to substitute polluting, finite and risky mineral energy resources by clean, efficient, sustainable systems as illustrated by the energy scenario of the first five decades of the 3rd millennium. 





Developed nations as well as countries in transition need much more sustainable energy according to the polluters-pay principle, based on the international energy analysis standard ISO 13602-1 and the Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development of ISEO to give future generations a chance of a prosperous survival on Earth.

ICEC provides energy systems to solve environmental and health problems, such as global warming, rising sea levels, flooded coastal areas, ocean islands and riverside inundations, lost mangroves and wetland biotopes, melting glaciers and ice poles, mountain erosions and land slides, worsening mortality, noise, oil spills, acid rains, endangered agriculture, fisheries, forestry, water quality, desertification, migrations, trade imbalances etc.

ICEC contributes with viable, economic systems to the sustainable energy mix consisting of hydropower, wind power, solar, bio, geo and ocean energy, clean fuels, heat pumps and co-generation; sustainable architecture and transport; muscle energy; energy efficiency.  See also ISEO website





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